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I was exposed to education at a early age. My father was a teacher for MNPS for 35 years and he dedicated his life to young people. However, after receiving my Bachelor’s Degree from Tennessee State University in Business Administration, I started my career in the corporate world. In the workplace, I found myself dedicating my talents to teaching others how to be successful. I then found myself being guided to the education by my Creator to make a positive impact on young people that He brings into my path.

My wide-range of experiences throughout my life attributes greatly to the person who I have become. The experiences, good and bad, and the adversities that I faced have developed my dedication and commitment to life and to relationships with those placed in my life.

I have learned to be flexible and to constantly search for knowledge and to aid others in their success. My strengths have developed due to my weaknesses and I believe that all people should be treated with respect and dignity.

I hope to use my experiences and knowledge to be a mentor to my students and teach them to treat one another and others with respect and dignity that everyone deserves.