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I have always wanted to work in the library, and have always enjoyed working with children. As the eldest of five siblings, I have been taking care of children my entire life. It has consistently brought me great joy and a feeling of satisfaction to help a child.

I was drawn to the library by a multitude of factors: my love of reading and my disappointment at the lack of training in technology. My lack of training was in high school, I had never made a Power Point before I went to college! I received my Bachelor’s in English Literature from the University of Mary Washington. I furthered my education by receiving my Master’s from Trevecca Nazarene University in Library and Information Science.

As a media specialist, I want my students to have access to technology and the training to help them succeed with information in the age of technology.

What sets me apart is my love of knowledge and technology. I am addicted to the portaportal and any opportunity to use technology in the classroom. I feel that the technology aspect, rather than making books and libraries null, are making them stronger. Thus, my love for ebooks, PLAYAWAYs and audio-book CDs.

I hope to help the Media Center at CCP progress and stay abreast of the changing tides of technology and information.