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I grew up in Chicago and attended Marquette University in Wisconsin where I received my Bachelor’s degree in Broadfield (a word unique to Wisconsin) Science and Secondary Education. Although I left home to attend college, after graduation I returned to Chicago to work in the community I grew up in. I also received my Master’s degree from Miami University in Zoology.

Along my college path, I decided education was a good step towards working in a community of people, where I hoped to make a difference. I wanted to work to serve others.

Neither of my parents attended college and I saw that they never had the opportunities that education provides. That is why I wanted to work to make sure students could go to college.

Along my teaching journey, I have realized that I am interested in making students and the public more science-literate, and more in-tune with the natural world. My ultimate interest is making people better stewards of the Earth.

My passion for science and the environment makes me committed to student growth and development. I think that it is important to get students invested in the subject I love so dearly. My passion applies to my willingness to learn and share what I learn with youth. I enjoy using my humor to connect and engage students in the scientific and natural world.